What is LF Lens?

LF Lens is a brand of color contact lenses by Malaysia renowned celebrity Noor Neelofa . The lens design is patented and the brand is registered worldwide.


Who is www.lofalens.com?

www.lofalens.com is an exclusive, worldwide, online store. You will only find the lofalens.com collection sold in our store and no other brands.  


How many colours does LF Lens offer?

The LF Lens collection offers 14 beautiful colors with a two or three colour effect designed especially for dark and small eyes. They will also enhance light eyes as well. Apart from that, they will maximize the size of the eyes.


Who can order on the lofalens.com website?

Your health and eyes are important to us. Customers who are already contact lens wearers and those who have had a proper eye check and know they can tolerate contact lens wear are welcome to buy on our site. If you do not have a prescription, you should confirm that you have visited your Eye Care Specialist and he or she has approved your use of contact lenses.


What are the parameters of LF Lens™?

Material : 2-HEMA

Water Content: 38% water, 62% polymacon, immersed in a buffered 0.9 saline solution

BC (base curve): 8.8 mm

Dia (diameter) 14.5 mm

Our Range Is: Plano – 0.00 Cosmetic Lens

1 Month Disposable Soft Contact Lens


What does “1 box” of LF Lens mean? 

LF Lenses are sold in pairs. Inside 1 box, there are 2 lenses of the same power and colour. 


Are LF Lens only cosmetic, or can they be ordered with a prescription?

LF Lens are produced for those who want to only change the colour of their iris.


What does Plano, Prescription and Special Prescription mean? 

First, please consult your Eye Care Specialist to determinate whether you need prescription lenses or not. 

Plano: These types of lenses are only cosmetic without prescription, for those who want to change the colour of their iris only.

Prescription: Lenses which come in prescription up to -8.00 (myopia.)

Special Prescription: Lenses with high prescription, over -8.00, and all positive lenses for (presbyopia). 


What is the dispatch time from the date of my order?

We dispatch all Plano within 3 working days for Malaysia and 5-7 days for international shipping.


What should I order if I have 20/20 acuity vision? 

Please select prescription of –0.00. This lens will only change the colour of your iris.


How long can I wear LF Lens?

LF Lens are 1 month disposable lenses. You can wear them for 1 month, daily.


Can I sleep with LF Lens?

No, it is not advisable to sleep with any kind of contact lenses. Your eyes must rest during sleep. Please remove your LF Lens before sleeping and put them in a lens solution.


What kind of liquid contact lens solution can I use with LF Lens? 

You can use any kind of all-in-one solution with your lenses. Please choose well as contact lens solutions can also determinate the comfort of the lens.


How much does LF Lens cost?

The price for LF Lens is RM 60 per box.


How do I know how much LF Lens cost in my local currency? 

Due to rapidly changing currency exchange rates, it is best to use an updated online currency converter such as: http://www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter/


I’ve already placed my order but now want to change the colour. Is that possible? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible as we are doing our best to dispatch orders quickly and not keep our customers waiting.


Can I receive a free sample before buying a pair of LF Lens? 

No, sorry, but we do not supply free samples.


Do you supply coupon discounts? 

Yes, we have this option in our system for special promotions or occasions. Please stay tuned with our social media channels to find out about upcoming special promotions.


To which countries does lofalens.com ship?  

We ship worldwide, to all countries.


How long until I receive my lens order?  

Please consult the Shipping Section of the LF Lens website, lofalens.com


How do I place my order? 

The order procedure is as follows:

  1. Register first. Be very precise in filling out your correct details. After it is accepted into the system, it cannot be changed.
  2. Click ‘Shop Now’.
  3. Select the colour you want to purchase.
  4. Select your prescription and quantity.
  5. Once you have selected, click ‘add to cart’.
  6. You have 2 options: 'Continue Shopping' or go to 'Shopping Cart'
  7. If you wish to add another colour or prescription, click 'Continue Shopping' and repeat the steps above.
  8. If you finished your purchase, go to the top header (right side of the website), click on the shopping cart.
  9. Click ‘CHECKOUT’ and in the next window, fill in your details.
  10. Select your shipping method.
  11. Select your payment method - Paypal, Cash Deposit or Bank Deposit
  12. When you have paid, you will receive a copy of your order by e-mail.  When your order accepted by lofalens.com, you will received a confirmation email that the consignment was being processed and you will be given a tracking number.



  •  Please carefully select the colour and power. We cannot change this later.
  •  Do not trace your shipment immediately as it needs approximately 2-3 days to be adopted into the post system. Rest assured, your consignment is on its way to you already.


How can I trace my shipment? 

Kindly go to http://www.poslaju.com.my/track.aspx


What if I need to ask other questions not found in the FAQ Section?

Click at ‘Contact Us’, fill in the form and we will reply to your enquiries.


What if I need some information about my order?

Send an email to lofalens@gmail.com. Always include your Full Name and your #Order Number.


For what reason would a shipment be returned to lofalens.com?

It may be because:

1.     The recipient address is unknown.

2.     You did not fill in the delivery address accurately.

3.     You did not pick up the goods from the post office in the allotted time.

4.     Another reason that is out of our responsibility.


In this latter case, we do not issue a refund and you must pay this second shipping cost a fixed fee in order for us to dispatch your lenses again.


I’m an Optician or Optometrist with a shop and I want to sell LF Lens. What should I do?

If you are interested in selling or distributing LF Lens, please contact us at lofalens@gmail.com


I’m a distributor of contact lenses and I’m interested in distributing LF Lens my country. What should I do?   

Kindly contact us at lofalens@gmail.com 


I’m a blogger with a YouTube channel or other social media network. I’d like to review LF Lens. What should I do?  

Kindly contact us at lofalens@gmail.com